CloudCredit management team

Juris Cirkovs

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In CloudCredit team I supervise and control the present activities as well as I put out new targets. In my opinion, better results can be reached when working in an united team. It has been proved during seven years period of work with ambitious but real and successful projects. If each member of the team is in charge and is responsible for reaching the goal and follows insistently, all summits become achievable.

Martins Jakusenoks


In Cloud Credit I am responsible for business development, sales, supervision and planning of projects. At the same time I keep up with latest trends in online lending market by receiving feedback from customers. My experience shows that communication with online lending market players is crucial for new idea generation and setting company as one of the market leaders.


Co-owner and Chief Technology Officer

In CloudCredit team I am responsible for programming, server infrastructure, technical management and presentation of solutions. I have been working in this field for already 15 years, therefore I am really competent in technologies and I have gained considerable experience that could be difficult to replace.When working in CloudCredit I have created our basic system from the scratch and in this process was impossible to work without understanding the target, communication and mutual trust among members of the team.

Kristaps Veinbergs

Co-owner and Chief Information Security Officer

In Cloud Credit team I carry out customers` intentions technicclly and I provide quality control of the final product. Seven years ago I got acquainted with programming, and now it has turned out to be my job and also a hobby. For several years I have been involved in a quite specific field in cooperation with credit companies. During this period I have gained invaluable amount of knowledge and experience that helps the company to grow.

Viesturs Sterns

Chief Financial Officer

In Cloud Credit team I am responsible for the finance and accounting, backed by operations, HR, business development, team building and technological expertise. I have helped business owners to monetize their assets or to grow through mergers and acquisitions and I consider myself as an expert in finance and economics. It is a teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage and that is how we perform in Cloud Credit.

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