By using API’s it is possible to implement diverse functionality which helps in task automation, data retrieval and exchange and much more. Use our tools and frameworks to easily add any API you like.



API framework

CloudCredit features an API framework which provides a fast and easy way to connect new API’s for client data comparison and exchange. It is possible to connect any type of API to Cloucredit. Some cases where API’s prove to be useful:

  • VoIP services, processing incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Proxy detection service for added security;
  • Location detecting services.

Automated approval and deny process

APIs give possibilities to automate, for example, client approval – the relevant data can be obtained from 3rd party API’s and automatically checked and approved without using man-hours.

Reverse API integration

Other services can connect to Cloudcredit’s API using a documented protocol. This enables them to execute isolated functions or request specific information. It’s handy when working with brokers or intermediary services.

Logs and statistics

All API calls and processes can be viewed in logs and statistically analysed with our built-in statistics panels. You can analyse how the API’s are performing with your system and pinpoint any errors that way, as well as get in-depth analysis on the overall performance.

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